Visionary Design & Advanced Electric Technology

Zapp are a British company, founded by some of the very best motorcycle design and engineering professionals in the world. We have a common sense of purpose here: to apply stunning design and the most advanced electric drivetrain technologies to create high-performance, road-ready scooters that produce an unrivalled riding experience especially suited to urban settings. It’s also important to us that our scooters are end-to-end sustainable, from manufacture to recycling.

Redefining the Market

What we’ve found in the market is that people want environmentally sensitive, sustainable personal transportation. Unsurprisingly, customers don’t want to compromise riding performance, practicality, style, and economy when it comes to their vehicle of choice. A product that met both of these demands was not available, yet. At Zapp we knew we could meet the challenge to satisfy the savvy urbanite’s appetite for style, practicality and function.

A New Design Language

We have created the new design language for the next generation scooter and created a revolution in electric high-performance personal transportation. It’s simple – we offer scooters with style and relevance to urban lifestyles.

Personalising Your Ride

We understand that people want to own a performance electric scooter that meets their personal preferences. That’s why we encourage customers to use our web configurator to customize the i300 to their specifications. A wide variety of options are available, and all exceed zero emission standards, safety regulations and sustainability guidelines. Zapp Scooters will always deliver a scooter that suits your needs, both in aesthetics and environmentalism.

Fulfilling the Vision: Our First Entry

The i300 and all our future electric scooter models are built with that passion for motor sport performance through the application of today’s most advanced electric technology and state-of-the-art motorcycle components. Our scooters are fun, stylish, and practical. Just as important, they offer the rider a green option for personal transport and a sustainable method of production.

Simply Electric. No Compromise.

From a Vision to Reality

At Zapp, we always knew that urban commuting and getting to your destination quickly and efficiently was achievable through electric technology. We also knew that with the right design and engineering, it would be possible to bring high-end motorcycle performance to the scooter ride in a way that was fun and city-stylish, responsive to those with urban lives and environmental concerns.

We also had the notion that today’s transportation designers and manufacturers have the responsibility bring to market environmentally sensitive, birth-to-death sustainability – through the manufacturing process and up to the product on the street – and without compromise to the rider’s desire for style and performance.

That’s why we designed the i300 as the next generation of electric scooter, redefining the category. It’s a top-end performer – featuring a 14kW motor that will take the rider from 0 to 50 km/h in under 2.4 seconds; market leading engineering specs; removable lap-top size battery packs; energy regeneration system to recharge while on-the-go; single-piece, aerospace-grade aluminum frame; carbon-fibre belt to produce instant power; the widest and lowest profile 14” rear tyre; ABS brakes; super-readable Hi-res display – all in an aerodynamically tested chassis. The i300 has interchangeable front fender and innumerable configurable options.

The i300 can be personalized through our web configurator tool and be road-ready to exceed all necessary low emission standards, inner-city motor vehicle environment-sensitive regulations and sustainability rules.

We’ve envisioned the future of travel, and it’s ready for you today…

The only 300cc class electric scooter.
Best acceleration, handling and stopping power.