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So, what makes the Zapp i300 an elite performance scooter?

Zapp Scooter | 2020-12-09

If you've made it this far, you're clearly curious about Zapp's new i300 performance scooter, but you may have some questions. We here at Zapp might be a little biased, but we're confident our hard work has resulted in one of the best electric bikes to ever make it to the market.

Our aim was to build an electric city bike that sacrifices none of the speed and power of traditional motorcycles that run on fossil fuels, but is entirely sustainable and carbon-free. We started from scratch, drawing upon dozens of years working in the motorcycle and engineering industries, to build an environmentally-sensitive product that aligned with our customers' values. We want you to feel proud of what you are driving -- a powerful, fast performance scooter that offers a sustainable mode of transportation. Our i300 is the first of its kind, but we're hardly done. Zapp is just getting started when it comes to the eco-friendly performance scooter because we are one of the first movers in the next wave of performance scooters. We also believe it’s up to us to help spread the message about our goals and start a movement. The technology in our bike is revolutionary, and we want to make sure you understand everything that's under the hood.

So much more than a scooter
Calling the i300 a scooter is doing it a bit of a disservice. 

The word "scooter" conjures up images of some dawdling moped struggling to keep up with high-speed traffic -- something weak and slightly comical. We call the i300 a performance scooter, with a heavy emphasis on performance

Zapp designed the i300 like a motorcycle, with the source of power being the real difference.

Our team is first and foremost passionate about motorsports, so that fed into our entire design process. We wanted to design something that felt like a motorcycle, drove like a motorcycle, raced like a motorcycle, but did all of that without spewing carbon into the atmosphere. 

With that, Zapp built a performance scooter with all the attributes of a motorcycle. The i300 is the first scooter on the market to feature an interior permanent magnet motor. 

Our bike also features design elements commonly found in the top racing motorbikes on the market, like its aerospace-grade aluminum chassis and carbon fibre belt drive.

This scooter is every bit a technological marvel. 

We have filed five international patent applications for the i300 and have at least 50 features in the design of the bike that has never been seen in the industry before. 

Our engineers have built a bike that is perfect for the fast-paced, always-on-the-move lifestyle of young European city dwellers. The i300 is nimble enough to navigate through the crowded, tight quarters and hairpin turns that make the continent's old cities so fun to drive (for scooter enthusiasts, that is)!

Maximizing performance with a personal touch

The i300 is designed with the younger, urban Millennial in mind, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a product for everyone. 

Our goal was to create an electric scooter that turns heads, but we’ve also left some of the design process up to our customers. We want our riders to feel an elevated sense of ownership of their bikes. 

This is your bike, not ours, after all.

Zapp has left much of the final look and feel of each of our bikes up to the customer. 

You pick the colors, add graphics to the fenders, decide on how your seat and grips will look and then can choose to add even more performance to the bike with things like diamond cut wheels, an extra battery pack or a dashcam and windscreen. 

As we grow, we will continue to add new customization features.

A performance scooter to feel good about

The future of urban mobility is in our hands, and we have to take ownership of it as the next generation that will lead the world forward. 

Zapp’s team cares deeply about the future of the planet but wants to dispel the notion that everything green and eco-friendly has to come with a sacrifice of performance and power. 

We have built the i300 to go toe-to-toe with the best motorcycles available in the European market.

Our riders will know they are not negatively impacting the planet while cruising along on the i300, but they’ll also feel the power and exhilaration that comes with whipping through the streets on a powerful bike. This was the entire focus of our design team from the moment we first envisioned bringing this product to market.

The future of transportation and human mobility is coming much sooner than many people realize, and Zapp has jumped ahead of the field when it comes to building an eco-friendly scooter that sacrifices none of the performance riders have come to expect. 

The i300 is powerful in its driving capabilities, but even more so in its devotion to a sustainable long-term vision without sacrifice.

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