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Two load bearing aerospace-grade
single-piece aluminium chassis members
Iconic innovation, very lightweight

Super Twister Motor

Interior permanent magnet motor
Ultra high power and efficiency

Turbo Twins

Two stylish removable ultra-slim lightweight battery packs
5kgs per battery, 60-90kms with both batteries in ECO mode
Take it everywhere, charge it anywhere

Slingshot Drive

Carbon fibre belt drive
No snap, no power loss

Mono Swingarm

Single-sided lightweight aluminium swing arm
Superbike looks, precise body control, easy tyre changing

Pushrod Coilovers

Progressive rate springs, pre-load adjustable gas filled dampers
Supple ride, precise rear wheel control

Fat Track

Wide ultra low profile tyres, alloy wheels
Lay down the power

Hi-Res Display

Highest resolution screen on the market
Detailed information about everything you need to know

Upside Downs

Pre-load adjustable gas filled upside down dampers
Accurate steering, excellent front wheel control

Monster Grippers

Multi piston full floating calipers and disks front and rear with ABS
Superbike stopping power


The only aerodynamically tested scooter on the market
Front fender interchangeable