Consulting Service

In the process of building our company and its groundbreaking first product, the i300, Zapp made a number of key discoveries, relating directly to high performance high quality personal urban mobility, but also in light electric mobility at large.

Conceptualization and Planning

Mobility is going through a major transition: not only on a sustainability level but also in downsizing and segmentation. In developing the i300, we have built a deep understanding of how existing manufacturers and new entrants alike can position (or reposition) themselves for the vast and growing opportunity in the global electric powered two wheel (EVP2W) market.

Market Research, Branding and Feasibility

Design and Development

Zapp has won a number of design awards and copyrights for its first product, i300, and been acclaimed as a leader in the design of EVP2Ws. ZES can work with world manufacturers and new entrants to originate new platforms, designs, whole-vehicle architectures, DFMs (Designs for Manufacturing), costing, gen-2 sustainable manufacturing systems and type approval.

Engineering, Procurement and Finance

Consumers are increasingly forcing innovations in sustainable product engineering and manufacture. By leveraging ZES’s procurement and supply chain relationships, balance sheet light manufacturing model and emerging markets export financing, Team Zapp can bring these paradigm shifts to world manufacturers and new entrants to optimize and expedite their execution.

Retailing and POS

Perhaps least noticed, is the coming sea change in the approach to distribution, retailing and point-of-sale (POS) for light vehicles. This includes the whole customer purchase and ownership experience. EVP2W companies are leading the way in this, and Zapp is at the cutting edge. ZES can help manufacturers transition from the old model to the new, and new entrants deliver a turnkey solution.