About Us

Our Company

Zapp is a UK company that designs, manufactures and sells high performance electric vehicles. Our founders are automotive professionals from all over the world who share a commitment to sustainability, a long passion for electric vehicles, motorcycles, and believe in the choice of personal urban mobility. In 2017, we assembled a team of talented designers and engineers to help us realize this vision to design and manufacture electric vehicles.

Our Values

We are committed to original advance design, high performance, safety, quality, customer experience and full-cycle sustainability. Our first entry into the market, the i300, is our embodiment of these values.

Sustainable Future

Zapp introduces full-cycle Gen-2 sustainability. This starts at our assembly plant, incorporate low energy use, solar power, single station based, automation free systems. Our vehicles counter intuitively draw less energy in normal use. They deploy fewer battery cells, and battery packs are ultra-portable and light. Once depleted, they can be sent for second use at energy storage farms. Other components are fully recyclable.