Ordering an i300

  • You can purchase the i300 directly on our website, which is a secure e-Commerce platform.
  • Personalize your i300 using the websites configurator then fill out your delivery information and pay a €100 reservation fee. For more information on how to purchase the i300, you can read our Purchasing an i300 document.

The final price will include the VAT, Delivery fee, Registration documents, and Number plate. Note that the final price does not take into account grants and incentives offered by your country. You can learn more by reading our Purchasing Terms & Conditions.

  • Your order will include your i300 & selected options, 2 battery packs, a charger and an outdoor cover.

We will handle all taxes and registration on your behalf. A Zapp team member will contact you closer to the delivery date to confirm all the necessary information. At the time of delivery, you will receive your number plate and road tax document. At the same time or shortly thereafter, you will receive the relevant registration documents.

  • Zapp operates direct customer sales on our secure global e-commerce platform, which we encourage you to use. We are in the process of appointing a limited number of authorized resellers across Europe. To check if there is one in your area, please Contact us to talk to a zapp representative.
  • Should you need to see or test ride an i300 before making a purchase, our ‘Zapper’ (service agent) can bring an i300 to your address; please fill out the test ride form.

  • The i300 is currently available for purchase in these countries;
    Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.
  • If we currently do not sell the i300 in your country, we recommend that you subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated on news on all things Zapp.

After you place your order, you will receive an email detailing your order summary and direction for your next steps. A Zapp team member will contact you closer to the delivery date to confirm your order, arrange final payments and discuss financing and insurance options if required.

Yes, you can make changes to your order, provided that your i300 has not already been shipped to your address. Please email support@zappev.com with the options you want to add or remove. Make sure to include your order number (ZP… ) as reference when contacting our support team.

To test drive our i300, please fill out our test ride form and we will inform you as soon as test rides are available in your area.

Invoice & Payment

Yes, we will send you an email with an order agreement along with a receipt once you have placed an order. If you need us to send you another one, please email and make sure to include your order number as reference.

We require a €100 Reservation Fee to secure the order for you. Before delivery we will contact you again to arrange final payments. The fee will be credited to your final payment.

  • We only accept Card Payment for the reservation of the i300.
  • For final payment we accept 2 payment methods; Card Payment and Wire Transfer. For wire transfers, please ensure that you make the payment within 7 days of placing your order, and send the payslip along with your order number (ZP_…) to support@zappev.com.

Yes, the £100 reservation will be credited to your final amount.

A Zapp Sales representative will contact you closer to the delivery date to confirm your order, answer any additional question and arrange final payment. At this step we will also help recommend local insurance and financing partners if needed.

The listed price on our website does not take into account government aid and incentives in your country. Availability and eligibility may vary depending on country of purchase and are beyond Zapp Scooter’s control.


Your i300 is highly personalized with each order taking approximately 12 – 16 weeks to manufacture and deliver. We will be proactively notifying you about your order and any changes to the estimated delivery date. Closer to the delivery date a Zapper will contact you to schedule your delivery date & time.

Your i300 will be delivered by a trained Zapp technician, with one of our recognizable Zapp branded vans to the address you have provided us. If you wish to change your delivery address you can do so in your MyAccount page.

A Zapper is a Zapp trained technician responsible for delivering your i300, undertaking its annual inspections, servicing & repairing your i300 and installing any options and upgrades you may wish to purchase in the future. Think of them as your personal mechanic, ready to help solve any problems you may encounter along the way.

To request the Zapper service please contact support@zappev.com and we will arrange one to come to your address.

If you require financing, we recommend that you apply for financing directly after placing your order. This can be done through our financing partners in your country or you can directly apply for a loan with your bank.

We recommend activating your insurance policy prior to delivery to ensure that it is road legal and can be driven right away. You can contact a Zapp insurance partner to get a quote.

Please ensure that you have a valid form of identification, a driver’s license is sufficient.

If you would like to return the i300, please contact support@zappev.com. EU Consumer Directive allows you the right to withdrawal from your purchase within 14 days starting from the day you received your i300. You will need to pay for the return shipping and administrative charges.

For More information please refer to our return policy document.

If you want to refund your order please first read our return policy document and contact us. Refunds can take up to 30 days to complete.

Insurance & Financing

Currently Zapp is working to partner with financial institutions to be able to provide financing for our customers. In countries that Zapp does not have a financing partner we suggest that you contact your local bank.

Yes, definitely.

Service, Maintenance & Warranty

  • i300 requires no routine maintenance. However. We advise that you regularly inspect your i300, to ensure that the tyres are properly inflated, the drive belt is undamaged, the brakes are functioning properly, and that it has not been accidentally damaged.
  • As with all products with rechargeable batteries, you should not let your Turbo Twins (Battery Packs) discharge to 0% as it will damage them.
  • If you plan to store your i300 for an extended period, we recommend that you charge the Turbo Twins (Battery Packs) to at least 60% to prevent deep discharge.
  • During winter, we recommend that you remove the Turbo Twins and bring them indoors to keep them warm.

A Zapper is a Zapp trained technician responsible for delivering your i300, undertaking its annual inspections, servicing and repairing your i300 and installing any options and upgrades you may wish in the future. To request the Zapper service please contact support@zappev.com and we will arrange one to come to your address.

  • If you require maintenance or service on your i300, please email support@zappev.com to request a Zapper to be sent to your address.
  • Zappers operate our own purpose built mobile service vehicle equipped with tools and many spare parts needed to perform the routine inspections, and most maintenance and servicing.
  • Zappers may not, however, have the necessary parts on hand to make major repairs or accident damage, in which case, the Zapper will advise you of next steps.
  • We recommend that you do not undertake your own maintenance, servicing or repairs on your i300. Firstly, as this will void your warranty. Secondly, i300 is a high performance electric vehicle, and there is a risk of electric shock, and home repairs may prevent your i300 from consequently functioning properly.

i300 being a dry-state vehicle, it requires no fluid service. We provide annual safety inspections. All wear and tear parts such as drive belts, tyres, brake pads should be periodically replaced, and the Zapper will recommend this to you at the inspections.

To book a service appointment, please email support@zappev.com and we will arrange for a Zapper to come to your location.

  • If you are having issues with the i300 at your address, please contact us and a Zapper will come to you.
  • In case you break down on the road, please contact a rescue service to bring your i300 back to your address, and contact us for a Zapper to come to your address. In case the breakdown is not urgent, you can also contact us and a Zapper can come to your location.

Zapp offers a 2 year warranty on the i300 and a 3 year warranty for the battery packs. For more information on warranty coverage please read our Warranty conditions.

Questions About The i300

The i300 is a high performance, high quality, ultra sustainable electric scooter, designed specifically for cities. It is equipped with instant acceleration, powerful brakes (with ABS) and the latest superbike suspension that lets you overcome most road conditions and effortless maneuverability through city traffic.

You require a minimum of an A1 license to ride an i300.

The Turbo Twins are ultra-portable Lithium-ion battery packs. They have a combined capacity of 1.44kWh which translates to 60 km of range (up to a week for your average commute). Portability means you can take them with you everywhere, and charge them anywhere.

Although they are capable of a uniquely high energy release, the Turbo Twins are designed to still hold at least 90% capacity after 2,000 charges. That’s 6 years if you charge them every day!

  • With the fast charger, you can fully charge each battery pack in less than 1 hour. Or put another way, 30 kilometers of travel per hour of charge.
  • With the lightweight charger, you can get 50% charge in less than 1 hour. Or 15 kilometers of range per hour of charge. This should be enough to get you home after a cup of coffee.
  • You should not let the battery packs drain completely. It’s always better to charge as you go so you don’t run out of power and help extend the battery life.
  • Important: the battery packs must be charged at least once a month to prevent potential damage.

  • To charge the battery packs, you must first remove the battery pack from the underfoot compartment. They can then be plugged into any standard power outlet 220V.
  • If you wish to charge both battery packs at the same time, we recommend that you purchase an additional charger option when personalizing your i300 on the website’s configurator.

  • i300 comes standard with a concealed under seat slimline storage.
  • Alternative storage options can be selected when personalizing your i300 using the website configurator. These include 2 sizes of hard carrier, and a unique storage frame which allows you to carry odd sized cargo. You can also order a waterproof laptop backpack which attaches to the storage frame.

Yes, the combined limit for 2 persons is 150kg

The i300’s special IPM electric motor delivers 587Nm of torque from zero RPM. Can move ahead of any traffic from the lights.

Before purchasing any third party accessories for your i300, please contact us first to verify compatibility.