Sustainability involved much more than zero-emissions during use. Our patented exoskeleton is the cornerstone on our low-component approach to reduce the amount of raw materials and energy required to build a motorcycle. Not only that, they also contributes to the lower centre of gravity, making the i300 much easier to ride and more agile and maneavourable around town.


There are electric motors then there are electric motors. Our internal permanent magnet motor (IPM) is a major advancement on other IPMs and older types of e-motors. They were developed specifically for high performance EVs as they are more efficient, more power and torque dense, and can last longer. Our IPM motor allows i300 to be lighter, more accelerative, and at the same time draw less energy from our battery packs. Mid-mounted to eliminate execsive weight of hub-motor designs.


Our proprietary battery system significantly moves the game on. The two battery packs are not merely removable, at 6kg each, they are truly portable. This is made possible by our cell-to-pack technology and different battery cells. They yield a very high volumetric-energy-density to give a lot of range against their weight. Our BMS also uniquely allows the battery packs to work individually, so the i300 can run with only one battery pack plugged in. Mounted low under the foot not only creates space for our Zapparoo, but also contributes to the lowest centre of gravity of under-seat battery pack designs.


Just like your phone, you don't have to change your bike when you want to change the look, you just change the case, or in i300, the patented interchangeable front fender system. The fender itself has also uniquely been aerodynamically tested. This extends the range of the bike for 'free', and reduces the amount of wind and rain. The fender narrowness also increases i300's ability to thread through traffic.


Available in any colour, including black. As with Zappeleon, a simple procedure to exchange to a new colour. Hand stitched in sustainable, water resistant and wipe-dry, grippy canvas by Sunbrella™ that doesn scorch in the sun. As used on the world's luxury superyachts. And don't let the ducktail fool you. It will sit two comforably and support the pillion under hard acceleration.


Tired of the wobbly and ugly back box. Finally, a logical under-seat system. Subtly designed to integrate with our award-winning bike's silhouette. And uniquely modular. Choose and interchange between: a concealed wallet case, which actually fits a compact charger and other accessories, a standard box of 24L storage, a fat-box of 36L, or a parcel shelf to carry your odd sized stuff like tennis rackets of up to 50L.


Accurate steering damping inspire confidence. I300's adjustable upside down front forks would look, and feel, at home on any superbike. It's lightweight with great travel that can be tailors to your dimensions will you maneavour thorugh traffic and those nasty potlholes.


i300's race-spec brake sets have everything. 4-piston, billet, radial-mounted front caliper, full-floating discs, steel-braided hoses, radial master-cylinders, remote brake-fluid reservoirs, adjustable levers. Superbike stopping power, And left-right handlebar brake levers bring back fond memories of your bicycle.


Keeping the power and grip on the road is critical. The latest superbikes all the 'mutipier' pushrod coilovers to achieve that goal. I300's rear suspension set have the same configuration, and with the same adjustability to suit the riders dimensions to ensure great acceleration and stabilty in difficult road conditions.


A piece of sculpture in its own right. I300's mono rear swingarm creates the geometry for the pushrod rear suspension, Made from lightweight alloy, the swingarm goes beyond the aesthetics of any superbike's and melds with the exoskeleon to create a cohesive look. On the practical front, makes changing the tyre convenient. An integrated system also makes changing or adjusting the belt much easier and more accurate.


No point having all that torque if you cant lay it down on the road. We specify ultra-lowe profile tyres to achieve that goal, both on the straights and in the corners. But these tyres are also low mirco-plastic emissions, a new health hazards. Another layer in Zapp's gen-2 sustainabilty proposition


Bright, easy to reach display is coupled with secondary controls that have been moved away from the handlebars. They reduce the impulse the take your eyes off the road or your hands away from the handlebar. Shown in a logical layout, vital information about your speed, range, mode, trip are provided in full colour and high resolution. Standalone format means it is easy to replace if tampered with.