Product Design & Engineering

Why is Zapp different from other electric scooters ?

• Being a new company we didn’t have an existing design language to keep to, so we could start with a blank sheet of paper, designing the perfect chassis and componentry for an electric scooter. We are also motorcycle enthusiasts, so we know what makes a compelling ride that can be used every day. This means that the Zapp i300 is designed like nothing else. Its choice of components are akin to a superbike (aluminium exoskeleton, upside-down front forks, cast mono swing arm, etc).

• Zapp i300 is the only electric scooter to use interior permanent magnet motor capable of unprecedented torque and power. For more information on our specifications, please visit our Simply Electric section to learn more.

What are the specifications ?

• The i300 has a 14kW Interior Permanent Magnet electric motor that allows the i300 to go from 0-30 mph in under 2.4 seconds. In short, as the only product in the L3e-A2 vehicle category, the i300 accelerates faster than any scooter we know of.

• Please visit the Full Specification page to learn more.

The components used on the i300 seem more akin to a superbike than an e-scooter, why have Zapp taken this approach ?

• We want the i300 to be a genuine alternative to the car, public transport and ICE scooter, so we know it needs to be engaging and safe to ride.

• Using components like upside-down front forks, a cast-mono swing arm and ABS help achieve this. We’ve also only sourced from the most respected component manufacturers in the industry.

• The i300’s IPM also has a vast amount of torque and performance potential, so it’s crucial that the chassis is capable of managing this, safely.

What connectivity options are available on the i300 ?

• i300 connectivity focuses on safety and security

• Zapp believes riders should have both hands on the bars and both eyes on the road, it is also unsafe to wear headphones, make calls, or manipulate non-essential handlebars controls, when riding, so we have taken a conscious decision not to offer infotainment connectivity on the i300.

• A secure, concealed on-board docking and charging station will be a standard feature.

• A dashcam as well as GPS tracking for emergency alert and security will be available as options.

• If the i300 is separated from its RFID key, the scooter will not work; this is part of up to seven security layers on offer.

What personalisation options are available on the i300 ?

• The Zapp i300 can be configured to match any taste or style.

• Individuality is encouraged with a generous pallet of colours and trims, as well as a number of seating and storage options.

• To explore all options available, please visit Order Yours page.

Has the i300 been type approved yet ?

• Zapp has been working with type-approval specialists from the very early design and engineering stages to make sure the i300 will comfortably pass any UK and EU safety and regulatory requirements.

• The i300 will have full European Type Approval, and will be the only product on the market in the EU’s L3e-A2 performance category.

• Zapp will be registered with the World Manufacturers’ Index (WMI) and vehicles will have unique global VIN identification numbers.

• For the UK, Office of Low Emissions Vehicles (OLEV) plug-in motorcycle grant (PiMG) will be applied for, which will provide riders with the potential for a 20% discount.

There is no storage space under the seat. What options are there for riders ?

• There are a number of options available which provide ample storage for riders.

• The luggage ‘shelf’ option offers flexible storage, including a Zapp backpack, although riders can also attach their own backpack or other luggage.

• A hard luggage bin is also available as alternative option.

• Both can carry a spare or third battery, and a travel-charger, or two Zapp proprietary honeycomb carbon-fibre open-face helmets.

Powertrain & Performance

What is the top speed of the i300 ?

• The Zapp i300 is electronically limited to 60mph (96 km/h).

What is the range of the i300 ?

• The Zapp i300 has a range of 35 miles (56 km) using both batteries in ECO mode.

• The i300’s batteries are incredibly easy to transport, weighing less than 5kg each, and measuring at only 5cm thick.

• We designed the battery packs to be compact enough for you to take anywhere so you do not have to worry about finding charging points. Just charge them in your office or your home.

Why does anyone need a scooter to go from 0-30mph in under three seconds ?

• Acceleration is as much a safety measure as braking in urban traffic on two wheels. The torque offered by the i300 allows the rider to safely navigate city traffic.

• It also provides an engaging ride for enthusiastic riders.

• The i300’s chassis has been engineered to ensure that the torque can be delivered safely.

What are the safety implications of producing a scooter that goes this fast ?

• Like any vehicle, the i300 should be used with proper care and attention.

• The i300 chassis has been engineered to ensure riders can use the scooter’s performance safely.

• The full power (“Zapp”) mode can only be fully unlocked with a physical token, once a rider has passed the necessary age and test requirements (A2). Only our qualified technicians can install the token, and will perform a safety inspection on the vehicle before installation.

• To ensure the i300 is as safe as possible, it also comes with ABS as standard.


How do I charge the i300 ?

• The i300 includes two elegant, removable lithium-ion batteries as standard.

• The batteries are ultra-thin (only 5cm) and very light (less than 5 kg) - about the size and weight of a pro-gaming laptop.

• They are charged using a standard three-pin plug.

• This means that you don’t have to rely on kerb-side charging.

• Simply take the battery into your house, flat, place of work, coffee shop, or anywhere you happen to be, and charge it.

• Both batteries can be fully charged in less than 4 hours.

What happens if I run out of battery charge ?

• Because the battery can be removed and charged using a standard three-pin plug you can charge it anywhere, should you run out of charge mid journey.

How much does the i300 cost ?

• The base on-the-road cash price, will be £5,250.

Will finance be available on the i300? What will it cost ?

• Finance will be available.

• Due to i300’s reliable and dry-state componentry, virtually zero maintenance and small number of battery cells per battery pack, we are expecting extremely strong resale values, and consequently highly competitive payment terms.

• It could cost Londoners less than a weekly Zone1-2 Oyster card.

How do I buy an i300 ?

• The i300 will be available to buy direct from the Zapp website.

• Zapp provides a direct-to-customer (DTC) service, with i300s being delivered and then maintained by Zapp’s own dedicated specialists (Zappers) in our own Zapp transporters.

When can I buy an i300 ?

• Zapp began taking reservations and deposits from 31st October 2018.

• Those placing deposits early will get the opportunity to receive one of a limited number (1,000) Launch Edition i300. Launch editions include diamond cut wheels, special graphics and a plate indicating x/1000.

• Those who have already made up their minds absolutely and pay in full will receive a manufacturers contribution equal to the deposit requested of £500.

When will first deliveries be made ?

• First deliveries will be made in early Q2 2019.

Where do I take the Zapp i300 for maintenance or repairs ?

• i300 is a dry-state electric vehicle which requires no fluid service. As such, Zapp i300 are practically maintenance-free

• Zappers will perform an annual safety and wear-and-tear inspection for customers from their Zapp transporters at customers’ locations.

• i300s have other long-life features including carbon belts, gas-filled shocks, nitrogen-filled tyres, non-hygroscopic brake fluid and regenerative braking, which extend life and further reduce wear-and-tear.

• Minor repairs can also be performed by Zappers on location, each Zapp Transporter carries a complement of spares.

• In case of major repairs, Zappers can provide a courtesy scooter, if customers’ scooters need to be returned to Zapp base.

• Zappers also carry accessories, can perform certain upgrades, and will install customers’ unlocking tokens.

What are expected service schedules for the i300 ?

• Zappers will perform an inspection annually.

• Subject to wear-and-tear, brake fluid, pads, and belts should be changed after five years.

• Batteries and tyres should be replaced after three years irrespective of wear and tear.

Is the bike too technologically-advanced for owners to carry out their own maintenance ?

• Zapp recommends that maintenance be carried out by Zappers, in order to not void the warranty

• Lithium-ion batteries should never be tampered with.

• While an i300 has only one moving part, the IPM, it is a highly advanced component which is sealed, maintenance-free and should not be opened by a customer.

Do UK owners need to pay VED (road tax) ?

• As a type approved L3e-A2 with a V55, you still have to get a ‘tax disc’’, but VED is free.

• You will also require an A1/A2 license and a crash helmet.

• Electric scooters usually benefit from free parking permits, pay no congestion charge and park for free in the London Congestion Charge zone.

What kind of driving licence will riders need to ride the i300 ?

• In ECO mode, an A1 licence

• In POWER and ZAPP mode, an A2 licence

Can I make an order from outside the UK ?

• We are now accepting pre-orders from the UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and Germany for target deliveries in 2019, and to other EU countries thereafter.

How will I get the i300 ?

• We will deliver the scooter to your home, On-the-road basis, including the registration tax disc and number plates.

What if I want a refund ?

• All deposits are refundable. Please notify our team member at support@zappscooter.com to request a refund.


Where will the i300 be produced ?

• Like many established motorcycle and scooter brands, such as Triumph, Harley-Davidson, Ducati Vespa, Bennelli, Royal Enfield and Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawazaki, Zapp i300 will be produced in Thailand.

How is Zapp funded ?

• Zapp has raised equity funds via the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and is EIS-qualified to raise further funding through scheme.

• Zapp will also leverage available export project and trade finance-based funding from banks focused on this area.

• The company has all resources necessary to begin production of the i300, and develop a range of further electric products.

What is Zapp’s view on high theft rate of scooters in cities around the world ?

• Zapp is concerned about the high rate of theft.

• It has installed a total 7 possible layers of countermeasures on i300. These range from basic to several innovations: various deadlocks, RFID, trackers, etc.

• We will also be providing an insurance package.