Zapp Scooters Limited was founded in the United Kingdom in 2017 by a team of devoted motorcycle enthusiasts who are backed with vast experience in the automotive sector. With their expertise, the i300 scooter is engineered with radical, sports bike-like design. This sporty, clean and technologically-advanced design ethos fulfils the scooter’s performance potential, with the bold styling true to the finely-tuned, fast-accelerating 14kW electric motor. Zapp believes that going electric should be fun. While going green is important, we believe that the choice of vehicle also define a person’s identity and taste. Why go with the usual looks? Why buy an electric scooter that looks just like all the petrol vehicles around you? The i300 is designed to be unique, to help you stand out from the crowd while also making a statement about the importance of going green. We took extreme care in designing and making the i300 from the ground up to be fun, utilising cutting-edge environmentally-friendly technologies, hoping the i300 can be something people become excited about.