London's ultra-low emission zone to extend to North and South Circular | 08 June 2018

• ULEZ will be expanded to inner London from October 2021 and hit diesel hardest
• Drivers of non-compliant cars will have to pay £12.50 a day to use them in the capital - and there's no discount for residents living within the zone
• Mayor Sadiq Khan confirmed on Friday that ULEZ will stretch to cover the entirety of inner London between the North and South Circular roads
• ULEZ will be introduced in Central London from next year, replacing T-Charge

Car and van drivers across a huge swathe of London will face daily charges of £12.50 under ultra-low emission zone expansion plans revealed today - with diesel owners being hit hardest.

Mayor Sadiq Khan confirmed that ULEZ - being introduced in Central London next year - will stretch to cover an area surrounded by the North and South Circular roads from October 2021.

It means those driving older vehicles across a major part London – an area 18 times greater than the central zone – will face a £12.50 daily fee if they use their cars.

Transport for London confirmed that residents will not receive a discount on the charge and those living within the zone will have to pay the full fee if they use their car at any time of any day from the 2021 deadline.

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